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From construction equipment to commercial vehicles and everything in between, you'll love our discounted starters. Find your new starter today for 30-50% lower than leading retailers.

• Installation Service

• Quality Used Starters

• New Starters

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• Passenger Cars

• Truck

• Semis

• Farm Equipment

• Boat and Marine

• Construction Equipment

• Commercial Vehicles

Starter services include:

Are you interested in having a new starter installed in your vehicle? You'll enjoy our affordable installation service and high-quality starters.


Count on our licensed and insured technicians to provide only the best remanufactured or new starters on the market. You'll love the service you receive at CSS Starter Alternator.

Offering affordable installations

Learn more about our starters.


Spend $250 on parts and installation and receive $20 OFF. Contact us today.


$ 20 off parts and installation combined of $250 or more

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